The cleaning task did not phase Flegg Projects as they have experience of global removal to Australia, so were able to support the client with the required processes and provide dedicated warehouse space, prior to the machinery being shipped.

As the client’s facility was not suitable for the packing and cleaning process, the machinery was removed by Flegg and taken to their Aylesbury warehouse for preparation. Once cleaned to the required standard, the packed items were loaded onto containers, bound for Australia.

Flegg Projects worked with their freight forwarder contractor to arrange for the containers and all the associated documentation.

From arriving at the Flegg Projects’ Aylesbury warehouse to its readiness for shipping, which involved the equipment being cleansed, packed and loaded onto 6 containers, the job took only 7-days!

The machine arrived safely in Australia, without damage and met the customs’ regulations. Needless to say the client was impressed with Flegg’s commitment to the short timescales and the final outcome.

Alongside this task, Flegg prepared the original site for a replacement machine prior to being installed, by Flegg Projects themselves of course!