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Frequently asked questions

What should we consider when relocating a factory?

Inevitably it will be a busy, and possibly daunting, time relocating your factory but with effective forward planning, your factory relocation can go smoothly.

One of the most important considerations is the timeframes you are working to – the earlier you can call us, the earlier we can start planning the resources required.

There are also site considerations to think about such as providing adequate access for the removal equipment; the location of loading bays; the type, finish and strength of the flooring – and the amount of downtime that is allowed (and enables your business to still operate). Also, it helps to know how sensitive the relocation is and who is aware of the relocation internally.

We may recommend a site survey in order to provide a budget quote. This isn’t always necessary but in the main, most factory relocations require this service.

A detailed factory location project plan may be provided for larger jobs covering: a method statement; the dismantling/disconnection works and the re-assembly process; mechanical or electrical specifications; machinery removal equipment list; our staffing levels and timescales. This will be supported by a Risk Assessment of the task.

Having been in operation for over 40 years, transporting and relocating all manner of heavy machinery and equipment for UK businesses, Flegg Projects knows that every job is different – and whilst we have an established planning process in place, we are flexible in our approach so can adapt to our customers’ changing needs. Our team of experienced staff are experienced to tackle jobs of every size and complexity.

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If access to our factory is difficult – what should we do?

Talk to us. If access is difficult we may recommend a site survey. This will establish the options for moving the machinery and the equipment we select to use. Over the years Flegg Projects has seen almost everything – and we have a reputation for problem-solving a range of different issues. We explore all options for our customers and we are honest with them, ensuring we make them aware of what can and cannot be achieved.

How do we know how long a job will take?

Many years of experience helps us know how long something will take. We have handled over 100,000 jobs and so your machine moving needs are in capable hands. Over the years we have built an experienced team of professionals who ensure all jobs are handled efficiently, on time and safely.

Communication is key. This emphasis on communication is evident in all the projects that Flegg Projects undertakes – and we have been praised recently in our customer survey for the frequency and quality of our communications.

How do you know what equipment is best for what job?

Over 40 years’ industry-specific knowledge of machinery and plant re-locations Flegg Projects has built a comprehensive fleet of bespoke heavy machinery moving equipment vehicles and a network of reliable skilled staff to deal with large and small relocation projects. We know one size does not fit all and we pride ourselves on providing the right team with the right kit.

Having information from the site survey on the access arrangements and commercial factors is a key determinant in our selection of the right crew and heavy machine removal equipment from our comprehensive range of resources.

At Flegg Projects we believe in owning and maintaining our own fleet of heavy machinery moving transport and lifting gear that we have designed specifically for its purpose. We have over 20 commercial vehicles and vans in our fleet – and in fact, in the past year, we have purchased three heavy lift-forklifts from HOIST LIFT TRUCKS.

What would I do if there is a time lag between removing my machinery and reinstalling it?

There are occasions when machines are removed but the final location for machinery installation is not ready so secure storage is required offsite.

We can offer more than 40,000 square feet of secure industrial warehouse space, plus a workshop area and a very large parking space for commercial vehicles in our Aylesbury premises (off A41 trunk road) – and approximately 6,000sq.ft at our northern base in Washington (Tyne and Wear). Additional capacity can be secured if necessary.

Our warehouses are equipped with heavy lifting equipment and offer secure and dry storage facilities.

Customers are also able to assemble machinery, check its functionality, train staff as required, and demonstrate the machine to their customers if they need to before the machine is moved to its final destination.

How long before our installation or relocation should we contact you?

Of course, this depends on how large the job is. It really helps to plan machinery and resources if we have as much notice as possible. Providing notice allows us to be as competitive as we can and manage our resources more efficiently.

Of course, we also know that in some cases you may have little notice that your machinery needs removing. At Flegg Projects we are flexible and can adapt our process to take account of last-minute removal tasks. Please give us a call and we can chat through the options.

We haven’t used Flegg Projects before. Can you provide any references or case studies for us to review?

It is understandable that as a new customer you may have concerns about using a new machinery removal company – or you may be unsure of how to approach the task if this is the first time you have needed to remove or install heavy machinery.

We are happy to provide evidence of our safety records; information on equipment, information on the experience across a range of similar machinery moving tasks as yours – and the experience of our team. In addition, we have information on our accreditations and quality control certificates.

We are also able to provide details of customers who we have worked with in the past across a range of business sectors and on a selection of small to large projects.

We have listed the industry memberships that we have, such as RHA and FORS (Bronze accreditation) and customer testimonials on our website for you to view.

What safety and quality measures should I look for from a machinery moving company?

Flegg Projects has successfully gained ISO9001 accreditation – and we hold a Bronze accreditation with FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme). We are also in the throes of applying for Safe Contractor status.

For every customer project, we consider the Health & Safety implications and undertake a Risk Assessment which is agreed with the customer. Our team are all trained and we put safety first at all times.

Furthermore; Flegg Projects are committed to the industry and are continually investing in new technology and training.

I need to move my machinery overseas – can Flegg help?

Flegg Projects has undertaken many overseas projects from China to Tasmania, Mexico to Angola. Do call us – we love a challenge.

With our project management experience, supported by a refined planning process, we can ensure a smooth transportation. We supplement our knowledge with the support of locally placed experienced freight forwarding specialists who know and understand the markets.

What do I do if I love what I hear about Flegg and would like to join the team.

Our continued growth means we are often on the lookout for enthusiastic, talented individuals with the right attitude to join our team. Please send your CV to recruitment@fleggprojects.co.uk or check our careers page for any available positions.