In addition to cross-docking, Flegg’s optimised storage services cater to various needs, including secure short-term storage for in-transit machines and long-term options. Our warehouse facility is equipped to handle different types of machinery, whether industrial or medical, with all the necessary lifting and handling capabilities.

The agility provided by our storage solutions allows businesses to keep stock within the UK, improving delivery times and flexibility. We also offer facilities for export packing, ensuring that your machines are not only stored securely but are ready for shipment whenever required.

forklift taking equipment off truck
  • Efficiency in Trade Disruptions: Quick adaptation to changes such as Brexit with services like cross-docking.
  • Safety and Security: Freight and machinery are stored safely under stringent guidelines and handled by experienced professionals.
  • Flexibility: Easy access to goods with options for both short-term and long-term storage. Customisable services to meet specific requirements.

Our approach to logistics and storage at Flegg is designed to mitigate the risks associated with delayed shipments and provide a seamless flow of goods across borders. Whether you need to manage unexpected freight weights or align multiple stakeholders, our solutions are tailored to ensure continuity and efficiency in your operations.