Flegg Versalift (Hoist)

Choose from our range of compact heavy lift fork trucks to help with your own project.

Supplied with a trained and experienced operator these trucks are available with forks and jib to provide a flexible solution for lifts of up to 40-tons.

With a vehicle mounted crane you can have an all in one transport and lift heavy solution. We operate a comprehensive range fitted to both rigid and articulated vehicles from 4-30ton lifting capacity.

All of our crane lorries are fitted with sliding canopies; helping to protect the freight in transport and reducing lifting times.

Flegg Hiab (Vehicle Mounted Crane)
Flegg Counterbalance Forklift

Counterbalance forklifts are a compact and adaptable lifting solution. Our fleet features trucks ranging from 2-7ton lifting capacity.

Our versatile range includes long forks, extended forks, and various jib attachments to suit your needs. We even have an all-terrain remote-controlled forklift!

Choose a demountable lifting system to safely and efficiently move heavy loads. A hydraulic gantry can be used for a range of applications and are particularly useful in facilities that are not accessible with a crane or other traditional lifting methods.

We operate an Enerpac Hydraulic Gantry which features 4 x lifting posts that are available with or without a rail system and can be operated as a 2 post system. Lifting capacity is from 62.5 tons to 125 tons.

Flegg Hydraulic Gantries
Flegg Cabin Cruiser Crane

Our two JMG pick/carry cranes – MC580 and MC100 – can be supplied with forks, jib or hydraulic winch. These unique pieces of lifting equipment are electrically powered making them ideal for environments where traditional LPG or diesel engines cannot be operated.

The combination of lifting accessories, reach and between 10 and 58-ton capacity make these compact machines ideal for a range of lifting jobs.