8 Types of Removal Equipment to Lift Heavy Machinery

12 October 2021
Flegg - 8 Types of Removal Equipment to Lift Heavy Machinery

Moving valuable and heavy machinery can cause significant disruption to any industrial business. This guide explains the equipment used for the task.

Do you need to move and lift heavy machinery in your business? If so, then we can help. At Flegg Projects, we work to individual client requirements and own a range of different types of lifting equipment. If we don’t have the right option for you, we’ll source it from one of our trusted, reliable partners.

We utilise everything from pallet trucks to large mobile cranes to ensure that the best service is achieved for every client. Here are some of the types of removal equipment we utilise.

Lorry Mounted Loader

Lorry Mounted Loader

A lorry-mounted loader is a compact solution, perfect for tighter spaces. Due to this, it’s the perfect choice for moving heavy machinery inside a factory. Since the crane is mounted to the lorry, this often allows the driver to self-load and unload, reducing the need for additional resources and saving time. It also provides a faster setup time overall with a short amount of time needed to prepare for lifting. This is a cost-effective solution because they’re able to lift and transport all in one vehicle.

Forklift Truck

Forklift Truck

Forklift trucks are fantastic in tight areas and capable of pushing or pulling heavy loads. They are a great solution where there are no lifting points, however, the truck footprint does get larger with a greater lifting capacity. The load also needs to be properly centred otherwise the weight capacity for a forklift truck will be significantly reduced. There are also different types of forklift trucks that can be used depending on the project. For instance, a reach truck will deliver the maximum reach height and provide a high level of manoeuvrability. They tend to be used indoors while a hand pallet truck can be used to lift up to 3,500 Kg in weight.



A telehandler is perfect for sites with poor access and uneven ground conditions. The reason for this is that it does have various steering modes and can also be used on rough levels of terrain. You can also consider using a rotating turret telehandler for a greater level of versatility. The system also provides an extending boom which gives an increased level of height reach. A telehandler can work with a range of different attachments depending on the equipment that you are lifting.

8 Types of Removal Equipment_Protable Gantry Crane_2

Portable Gantry Crane

The gantry crane is similar to a door frame. Underneath the main beam there are supporting legs. These legs travel on a rail with wheels that are positioned on the ground. There are numerous benefits including a large range of operations. They are typically used in a port yard. The loading capacity can be anywhere from 1ton to 900ton depending on the design. They can also be used for large and more cumbersome pieces of equipment. However, the item being moved does need to have lifting points and there is always going to be limited levels of lateral movement.

Tail Lift

Tail Lift

Tai-lifts are a common piece of equipment used by many logistics and haulage companies. They provide a cost effective and simple solution for offloading pallets, but a standard tail-lift can limit to relatively small/light freight.

Some specialist movers have bespoke tail-lifts fitted which can handle larger and heavier loads more than 1000kgs

JMG Cabin Cruiser

JMG cabin cruiser

The JMG cabin cruiser is a relatively new concept within the lifting industry. They provide excellent lifting capacities and it’s quite compact so can be used in tighter spaces. It’s a versatile solution since you can use forks, hooks, or winches to lift the load. You also won’t have to worry about it marking the floors if you are using it indoors and since it is electric, there are no fumes to deal with.

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Mobile Crane

One of the key benefits of a mobile crane is that we can achieve a high lifting capacity working with a small radius. Using this equipment, it’s possible to achieve a boom length of up to 150 metres. Despite being smaller than other cranes, mobile cranes still provide a high level of strength, ensuring that they can be used for larger lifting tasks or where lift height or reach is critical.

Compact Crane

We can also use a compact crane on your project. As the name suggests, these will be perfect in tighter locations and are suitable for working indoors. There is also a smaller footprint with this device and since most are battery powered, you can avoid the issue of fumes when indoors. Compact cranes are also incredibly quick to set up and de-rig.

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