A day in the life of…

12 October 2016
Flegg - A day in the life of…

The Flegg warehouse at Aston Clinton is a particularly busy environment and we thought it would be interesting to spend a day with our warehouse supervisor and to show what an average day looks like.

Kevin Rymer is currently “celebrating” his 10th anniversary with the business. He joined the crew as a HGV class 1 driver and established himself as a key member of the staff and a competent machine mover. This was recognised when he moved onto the company’s Flagship vehicle, our 4-axle crane trailer.

An opportunity became available within the warehouse and after many years on the road Kevin applied for the warehouse supervisor’s role. We spoke to Kevin about his time in the new role and the challenges it presents.

“The main part of my job is to ensure that machines are out and ready to load when vehicles arrive back to the yard”. “This may sound simple but we are regularly moving machines in/out of the warehouse which are in excess of 15-tons and we are not always blessed with loads of aisle space so it all needs to be carefully co-ordinated and completed safely”.

As well as storage and handling, Flegg also offers clients the ability to build and test their machines.

“We have a large bed-mill in the warehouse at the moment”. As well as providing the storage space the client is using Flegg’s on site lifting resources to help assemble this machine and return it to operational condition. “We are working alongside the customer’s own engineers to carry out the assembly, on this particular machine we helped to lift the bridge section onto the legs with our hydraulic jacking system”.

“The day we lifted the bridge section was particularly busy, as well as setting up the gantry for that lift we also offloaded a printing machine from three shipping containers, a routing machine from two Italian vehicles and assisted our packing contractor with a lift on a 12-ton scanning machine”. “This was on top of the usual loading/offloading of our own fleet”.

“The nature of the business means that things can change at short notice and we need to be able to react”. “I spend a lot of time liaising with our Transport Manager to ensure that we pre-plan movements for each day and to ensure we reduce the chances of double-handling”.

Kevin also has responsibility for the monitoring of our lifting tackle and ensuring that all equipment is available and in good working order. Kevin is a key member of the Flegg team and the directors congratulate him on the success he has made of this new role.

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