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Better health and safety for your machinery move – less bureaucracy

June 2018

Did you know that there’s a way to vet contractors for health and safety standards without anyone having to complete or process paperwork?

The work of appointing contractors for projects or services can be taxing enough without having to dig into their safety record and policies. Few of us would choose to be familiar with the Health and Safety (Offences) Act (2009) and the Corporate Manslaughter Act (2008), but we all know why we need to conduct our business safely and responsibly. As much as we would prefer to do business without the time and cost of due diligence, we like accidents, audit failures and reputation damage even less.

Imagine then that your tender process doesn’t involve hours of health and safety vetting, but still assures you that the contractors you choose have a high standard of health and safety practice. That’s the low-effort, high-confidence experience offered by a third-party accreditation scheme.

Safer and Simpler

Safe working practices have always had a high profile at Flegg Projects, and we recently went through the process of evaluating and joining such a scheme. It’s good for us because it reassures those who don’t already know of our commitment to health and safety, and it benefits our customers by reducing the time and expense of their tender processes.

After reviewing several providers, we chose Alcumus SafeContractor because they’re closely aligned with the HSE and aren’t sector-specific, which means that you can use the same scheme even when projects need a variety of disciplines.

Thousands of organisations in the UK are members, including Linklaters LLP, Greggs, and many other SMEs and FTSE 100 companies.

We have our Mick Alvey to thank for managing the SafeContractor process for Flegg Projects. We achieved the accreditation at the end of May, and Mick gave only positive feedback about working with Alcumus:

“I found application process straightforward and the online interface easy to understand and interact with. Alcumus staff were always on hand and more than willing to help with any of queries I had. I would be more than happy to recommend Alcumus to anyone looking for SC accreditation.”

We’re also very grateful to Mick and the other members of the back-office team for their support and attention in achieving our accreditation. As a SafeContractor member, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to health and safety and further reduced costs and timescales for our customers.

You can sign-up to the SafeContractor scheme here so that you can vet the credentials of potential contractors and ensure that you’re only working with those who’ve met the standard.

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