Forklift reliability

12 October 2016
Flegg - Forklift reliability

Back in 2013 Flegg replaced a number of counterbalance forklifts with a range of new Hysters ranging from 2.5 to 7.0-ton capacity. Now 3 years on from taking delivery we spoke to Jayson Flegg (MD) about their performance to date;

“Our forklift fleet was showing its age so we decided to look at options for replacement”. “We already had a relationship with Briggs Equipment as we purchased parts from them and occasionally used them for spot-hire”. “Briggs is the UK distributor for Hyster so it made sense to talk to them about options”. “We quickly worked out that it would be much more cost effective to have new forklifts instead of patching up existing Fleet”. “We signed a long-term agreement with Briggs for four brand new counterbalance trucks, all of which had been specifically designed for our requirements (compact cab and masts)”. “The trucks have been pretty much faultless and when we have had a problem; Briggs support has been impressive”.

Since signing the original deal in 2013 we have added 2 additional Hysters to our growing fleet and are expecting two more S7’s to arrive in October. Mark Marshall (Commercial Director) added; “Signing the deal with Briggs coincided with a period of growth for the business”. “The trucks are well presented and very reliable and this gives our clients the confidence and service they expect”.

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