How Is Flegg dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit?

12 November 2020
Flegg - How Is Flegg dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit?

Preparing for Brexit

The last few years have been challenging for businesses and organisations that import, export and sell to customers abroad. The convoluted processes and ongoing discussions have created a degree of uncertainty, and even now, months into negotiations, it is not clear what will happen when the transition period is over. At Flegg, we have made it our mission to prioritise preparing for Brexit, and we have taken several steps to ensure that we will be able to provide the best possible service for our clients during the transition phase and the period that follows.

The discussions related to trade deals and agreements with the European Union have contributed to issues, which we have tried our best to adapt to and work with to continue operating the best possible service. There has been an influx of traffic at ports to try and beat the deadline, but we have a can-do attitude, and we have made arrangements to ensure as smooth and seamless a transition as possible. We have always endeavoured to provide flexible, tailored services for our clients, and our drivers and fleet will continue to operate outside of the UK once the Brexit transition stage is complete.

How we are dealing with the uncertainty of Brexit

At the moment, with talks ongoing and a lack of certainty about what is going to happen in the weeks to come, we are confident that we have done all we can to prepare for Brexit and ensure that every box has been ticked. We have worked through the Brexit checklists related to importing and exporting to and from the EU provided by the Government and we are ready to help new and existing customers with their lifting and logistics requirements.

We understand that our clients may have questions about what will happen in the coming weeks with regards to time-frames, delays and prices. Our priority is preparing for Brexit and adapting quickly to new regulations and requirements. Our vehicles and staff will operate outside of the UK and we are maintaining close contact with freight forwarders. Communication is critical, and we will continue to listen to and consult with our clients.

How can businesses that import and export prepare for Brexit?

All companies that import or export to the EU are advised to seek advice as soon as possible to ensure that they are ready for life after the transition phase. The UK government have outlined the requirements for importing from the EU and for exporting from Great Britain. Ensuring all the boxes are ticked will help to prevent delays and disruptions. We also recommend outlining clear expectations when liaising with transport contractors and making sure all documentation is complete.


There is no doubt that Brexit has contributed to uncertainty for businesses. At Flegg, we have prioritised preparing for Brexit, and we are confident that we can continue to provide an excellent service for our customers both during and after the transition phase.

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