How to choose the right machinery moving company

12 January 2022
Flegg - How to choose the right machinery moving company

Simple answer – just choose Flegg Projects machinery movers…

With that said, you probably want a more detailed response than that! After all, your heavy machinery items are some of the most valuable assets at your company’s disposal. You simply cannot afford to settle for anything less than the very best solution.

By now, you should be familiar with the reasons why professional machinery movers are the best solution. Here’s how to be sure that the best results are found.

Machinery Movers That Are Aligned to Your Needs

There are many things to consider when selecting a contractor to move your valuable assets. Perhaps most importantly, you don’t just want a specialist who understands the industry, you need a company that understands you!

Here at Flegg, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to the client’s individual needs, but we primarily deal with two very distinct types of customers.

Flegg employee monitoring deliveries

Firstly, you may be a frequent client who has previously worked with other machine movers and transport companies to deliver and/or install new machinery.

In this case, you may already show a strong level of understanding surrounding the processes involved. If your current or past machinery movers haven’t lived up to your expectations, we will be more than happy to supply a service befitting your company standards.

Alternatively, you may be a new or infrequent client with sporadic requirements. In this case, there is a strong possibility that you won’t know (or don’t want to know!) too much about the specifics of the projects or machinery moving equipment that will be used. You simply need to know that there will be a smooth transition from A to B.

Whatever your needs might be, Flegg Projects will work closely with you to ensure that the most practical and cost-effective solutions are selected. We’re not just great machinery movers, we’re YOUR machinery movers.

Finding Machinery Movers You Can Rely On

Given the importance of the heavy equipment in mind, both financially and in terms of your business operations, you must be ready to place 100% trust and confidence in your machinery movers. Choosing a contractor with limited experience can be as damaging as selecting one with inferior moving equipment and could lead to severe, costly delays.

Flegg Projects has nearly 50 years of expertise in this sector, serving clients with a wide range of requirements. You can be sure that our team of specialists can deliver the perfect results time and time again.

Interior installation

You need to be sure that your machine mover has the necessary technical and practical knowledge to assess and complete the work safely and efficiently. Flegg’s capabilities can be demonstrated through a plethora of case studies for previous jobs. If you can’t find one that is similar to yours, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for more information on one of our relevant past projects.

Lifting and moving heavy machinery is a high-risk task and must be carried out by trained staff who are equipped with the right tools that are not only suitable for the project but also meet with the LOLER and PUWER regulations. We have seen and heard many stories about companies who found out the hard way that their machine movers were not compliant. Frankly, you do not want to face the financial and legal ramifications that would follow.

Thankfully, with Flegg Projects, you can have full confidence at every stage of the process. Our experience, transparency, and reliability are second to none.