Keeping the Flegg Wheels Turning

12 January 2017
Flegg - Keeping the Flegg Wheels Turning

Flegg now operates a fleet of over 20 commercial vehicles and vans. As a business, we are legally obliged to ensure that all LGV’s and trailers are regularly inspected and a daily defect reporting system is in place and managed.

Our workshop Foreman/Manager Richard Wingrove (Winnie) is responsible for keeping the Flegg vehicles maintained and safe for the road. Winnie is very much part of the Flegg business having been with us since 1992. He brings a range of skills to the business and has fabricated many bespoke lifting/handling equipment for our clients as well as building bodies for the lorries.

Inevitably the growth of the business has involved a growth in the Fleet. Just 3 years ago, the fleet consisted of only 12 vehicles. So, James Blackman joined the team as Workshop trainee in August 2015 and is ear-marked to fill Winnie’s boots when his working days end.

Having the workshop on site gives our transport desk a lot of flexibility to ensure that our vehicle utilisation is maintained.

Trailer under maintenance