Machinery Movement: Faster with Flegg and Hoist USA

12 March 2017
Flegg - Machinery Movement: Faster with Flegg and Hoist USA

Here at Flegg Projects we are always excited when some new kit arrives – I know, I know…

We have truly cemented our partnership with Hoist USA this year by again adding to our fleet. It is our philosophy to have our own machinery and therefore always strive to offer a top service to our customers. We buy them, maintain and service them – this way we know they are in top condition and always fully operational.

At Flegg Projects we believe you need more than merely a handling service. Considering how critical the moving of your machinery – or your customers’ machinery – can be to the bottom line of your business, we believe you need a top-flight professional project management facility to do it with the expertise you expect.

This has been demonstrated in the past 18-months with the purchase of three heavy lift-lift forklifts purchased from HOIST LIFT TRUCKS.

We asked our M.D, Jayson Flegg for his thoughts on the recent purchases

What convinced you to purchase from Hoist?

Nick invited me over to the factory in Chicago and I was impressed with the attention to detail. The biggest thing for me was how quickly they could build and deliver compared to other manufacturers.

Which models have you purchased?

We purchased a FR40/60 in the summer of 2015 and took delivery of another identical truck in December 2016. We also have the first and only FR15/25 in the UK which arrived with us in August 2016.

We helped Hoist to design and develop the 15/25 to help plug a specific gap in the UK Market. Flegg now operate the largest fleet of Hoist FR trucks in the UK.

So how does this benefit the customer?

The speed at which a complex job can be achieved now is phenomenal. These machines work well in confined and busy spaces enabling us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The manoeuvrability and the Hoist advanced controls are exceptional. The ability to change from forks to booms in minutes reduces the time a job takes. Hoist customers in the US say “these are the Cadillacs of lift-trucks”. In the UK, we believe this means it’s the Porsche of machines – fast, efficient and reliable.

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