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New Heavy Transport Vehicle: Our Driver’s Feedback

October 2016

Flegg recently added its first ever 4-axle rigid vehicle to the fleet. We took some time to speak to the driver to ask him for his perspective on the new lorry and how he has found it.

“This is the 4th new lorry I have had since joining Flegg back in 1998. Given that, all of my trucks have been bespoke built there is normally a period when you find a few issues; but this particular truck has ticked all the boxes from day 1”.

“The biggest difference is the additional axle, this means I now have the capacity to lift and carry up to 11.5-tons whereas my 3-axle only had a 6-tonne payload”.

“The truck has a number of nice features which makes my job that bit easier, for example it is fitted with load sensors on each of the axles; there is a read-out in the cab which means I can see very accurately how the load is distributed on the truck and make adjustments where necessary”.

“The head-board of the sliding-canopy body has been designed to include some additional storage space; this means I can stow and access my lifting slings better”.

“The crane is fitted with 6 extensions which means I can reach out to 14.2-metres and have capacity to lift 2400kgs”.

“I have been averaging 11MPG, even with the additional weight this compares favourably to my previous lorries”.

Dave is one of our longest serving members of staff. We have taken the time to listen to his feed-back and his invaluable experience. He has been directly involved in the selection and design of the entire vehicle.

Jayson Flegg (MD) commented; “I am delighted that we have managed to get this truck right from the start, mistakes can be very costly so it is important that we listen to the guys when we select a new vehicle”. “We are currently in discussions with a trailer manufacturer who are designing a draw-bar trailer to go behind this truck which will take the vehicle’s pay-load up to 25,000kgs”.

Operator moving equipment from lorry
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