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Update on Northern Depot

September 2016

Our Northern depot is now going from strength to strength.

The team have been extremely busy since opening earlier this year and one of their key projects involved mechanically dismantling a number of large machines, loading them onto transport, offloading and re-assembly in a new factory.

Since this job commenced in April we have moved around 900 tonnes of plant and machinery. Flegg Projects scope of works included the provision of transport between the sites and ensuring a smooth transition for our client. We are extremely proud of the way this has been handled and congratulate the team on such a smooth job.

We decided to ask Michael Alvey the Manager of our Northern Depot a number of questions. Thank you Michael for your honest answers.

How many years’ experience (jointly) does the crew have?

“A total of 58 years combined. John has the most experience with 23 years. Honest he is a spring chicken”.

Why did the team decide to move to Flegg?

“The lads moved due to the instability at current employer and were looking for a stable and secure future”.

What do they like about their job?

“The lads love having the equipment available that just wasn’t there at our previous employer. The idea of having our own equipment (Hoists / Gantry system etc.) with the Flegg name emblazoned on it, rather than having to wait for it to be delivered by a third party and our own FLTs that start when you turn the key is a bonus. They like the idea that Management are willing to work with the lads. There isn’t a ‘them and us’ attitude”.

Have they enjoyed their time with Flegg?

“Yes, it’s a far more relaxed atmosphere, but still with a professional approach. They enjoy the interaction with customers on site and feel they’re appreciated for the work they do”.

Would they recommend working for Flegg?

“Yes, everyone is approachable and the support from management appeals to them”.

We certainly look forward to building a larger team in the North East. If you would like to join our growing team, please do email us on recruitment@fleggprojects.co.uk

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