Hiring Machinery Movers? Here’s Why Back-Office Alignment Is Key

12 December 2021
Flegg - Hiring Machinery Movers? Here’s Why Back-Office Alignment Is Key

Alignment and planning are two huge factors and something that the back-office team are constantly juggling every day: particularly in these post-Brexit times.

After all, seeing your new piece of expensive kit being lifted with a big Forklift, gantry or crane is a sight that you rarely see as an owner or manager. Here at Flegg Projects, however, this is what we do every day but there is so much more that goes into ensuring that it all goes as planned. Here’s all you need to know about alignment throughout the machine moving process.

What is alignment with machinery movers?

Alignment within the professional machinery movers sector is essentially a process that ensures your heavy equipment and machinery will arrive on time and in good health. By overcoming the logistical nightmares of transporting such large items, as well as keeping all parties on the same page, you can focus on using the machinery to its full potential.

Depending on the scope of work, Flegg Projects can align our programme with up to 8 different stakeholders. From the manufacturing company that purchased the machine, to the machine manufacturer to the transport company bringing the machine from the factory to the UK. And this will ultimately feed into your company’s overall strategic alignment.

Forklift used for loading machinery

Why it matters

Alignment of a machine movers’ back-office staff is crucial for a host of reasons. It promotes clear communication and removes downtime and delays, thus promoting a smoother operation for increased productivity, efficiency, and profits. Moreover, alignment between back-office staff and customer-facing employees will indirectly boost the customer experience.

A considerable amount of waste in business comes due to poor alignment, and it’s not hard to see how this can be a major issue when dealing with your machinery and the tasks that they are responsible for

Why you need professional help

When choosing a professional machinery movers company for your immediate and ongoing equipment transportation needs, you can receive a wide range of benefits. Aside from supporting your back-office staff with a convenient solution, it will guarantee that the project is completed safely. Moreover, efficient operations will save time and money.

For the sake of productivity and the long-term efficiency of your equipment and machinery, partnering with a reliable machinery moving firm is essential.

Forklift loading lorry

Why choose Flegg Projects?

For nearly 50 years, Flegg Projects has specialised in delivering world-class and efficient services that businesses can rely on time and time again. Crucially, our approach is designed to provide the best results for your back-office staff. The improved alignment is subsequently guaranteed to keep the best needs of your company at heart too.

Furthermore, our team of experts can complete a wide range of jobs that includes lifting, handling, installations, relocations, project management and storage.

Flegg team in warehouse

Call Flegg Projects today!

Here at Flegg, we pride ourselves on working with clients to ensure all machinery moving tasks are completed with alignment, safety, and efficiency in mind. Our highly trained and experienced staff – who are all versed on how to manage, plan, and ensure that works are completed safely and efficiently – work with the best equipment to ensure a reliable and convenient service time and time. We take care of the machinery moving, allowing your team to focus on progressing the business.

If you need to partner with an expert in machinery moving services for any reason, take the first steps by calling us on 0845 458 4958 or requesting a callback today!