1. Prices are subject to the weight and dimensions provided by the customer
  2. Freight will be delivered/collected at agreed times/dates and be given a minimum 48-hours’ notice prior to delivery/collection
  3. If the freight is fitted with lifting eyes/lugs they should be provided with appropriate SWL certification
  4. It the transport does not arrive at an agreed time/date and the contractor incurs waiting time, that time to be charged as per our normal hourly rates
  5. Upon delivery of the consignment, a representative from the customer to visit the contractors store to examine the consignment and confirm it is complete and in good condition
  6. If during offloading the contractor finds any damage to the freight you will be advised immediately, and photos will be taken
  7. Should the equipment require special lifting frames or devises, the customer should ensure these arrive with the freight. The contractor can source or provide these items on consultation from the manufacturer; however it is to be noted that this may take time and the customer should provide enough notice. The cost of supply of such devices would normally be an addition to the quote
  8. The equipment will be stored in our un-heated warehouse facility. If the consignment has bare-metal surfaces that could be susceptible to rusting and if that is the case, those surfaces should have rust preventatives or other protection applied prior to delivery to the contractor. Should you require us to apply rust preventative or to undertake any such work that would be subject to additional charge
  9. Should the consignment be held in storage for an extended period, a representative from the customer should visit the warehouse at regular intervals, minimum three monthly, to examine the consignment to satisfy the goods are complete and in satisfactory condition. Should you require us to re-pack any items or apply rust preventative or take any other such action that would be subject to additional quotation
  10. Unless agreed in writing otherwise, the opening hours for the warehouse is 08-18.00hrs Monday to Friday. Access outside of these hours can be arranged at an additional charge
  11. Insurance – It is a condition of the contractors undertaking the work that the goods are insured for full replacement value. That insurance to be affected by the customer or the owner of the goods. Storage is undertaken under RHA terms of storage which limits the contractor’s liability to approximately £100 per ton. Additional insurance can be arranged upon written request and at an additional cost
  12. Services (air, power and water) can be provided at an additional cost – subject to availability
  13. All lifting operations are undertaken under our machinery movement policy, please ask for current limits of liability
  14. Price is subject to minimum storage period. If freight is removed before the completion of the minimal period, the final invoice will include the balance of charges due for that period
  15. Unless agreed otherwise, the minimum storage period shall be one week. Storage week runs from Sunday to Saturday
  16. All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the appropriate prevailing rate
  17. Any additional lifting or handling requirements will be billed at the appropriate hourly rate