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Machinery moving that’s properly managed

Many organisations offer to handle the moving of your machinery. At Flegg Projects we believe you need more than merely a handling service. Considering how critical the moving of your machinery – or your customers’ machinery – can be to the bottom line of your business, we believe you need a top-flight professional machinery moving company project with the expertise you expect.

Machinery moving equipment is only as good as the people who use it

That’s why here at Flegg Projects we focus on growing our key team from within. We won’t risk the management of your projects to anyone other than professionals we trust – and train.

As you’ll see elsewhere on this site, our insistence on quality means that we have invested very heavily in all of the equipment we use regularly. This way we know it’s in top condition and fully operational at all times.

Similarly, our vehicles are the latest in their fields and always are perfectly equipped to deliver – literally.

We commissioned an external company to carry out a customer satisfaction survey

Want to find out how we work with you to move your machinery?

When you’re moving machinery, there’s no such thing as one size fits all

In our business, it’s all very well to offer a wide range of options, equipment, transportation, etc. But once again, it’s how those issues are put together into a project that matters.

Your projects always benefit from our 40 years’ company experience, which we use to determine your best ways forward and to avoid problems that we probably have experienced in similar circumstances before.

Experience is only good if utilised in the right way

In our rapidly transforming technological world, experience is only valuable in the light of how it is applied to what’s happening now.

And for us at Flegg Projects, it’s the combination of our practical and managerial experience with the very latest technological and industrial techniques, that truly makes the difference in the machine moving and handling service we offer.

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